Kevin Roberts introduces "64 Shots", why he wrote the book and who it is for.


With Tom Keene on Bloomberg Surveillance who takes a look through the "georgeous, spectacular, smart book" 64 Shots and we discuss what the goal is for current and future leaders. We also look back on former U.K. leaders as the nation prepares to vote on the Brexit referendum. June 17, 2016



The subtitle of my new book 64 Shots (out June 21) “Leadership in a Crazy World” was an apt context for the conversation on Bloomberg Surveillance with newsman Tom Keene, and his co-hosts Vonnie Quinn and Francine Lacqua. We talked about the role of advertising and messaging in the US presidential race, the image of London Mayor Boris Johnson, as well as the challenge of advertising to the millennial generation, and the blurring of age lines in modern media. Check out these two clips: